Celebrating 25 Years of Building Best In Class Companies and Leadership Teams.


Matt has spent the last 25+ years building and growing businesses of all shapes and sizes across many verticals. In 2013, Matt and his wife Jessica founded Mead Holdings Group; a holdings company that houses a portfolio of hand built brands which include: The "Epek" companies - EpekData, a premier people-based data company, as well as Epek Productions Services, which serves as a wholesale backend fulfillment company for some of the largest ad agencies in the nation, and Epek Software Solutions, a data and technology firm specializing in SME process automation and data management. Additionally, MHG holds Drivonic, BrandLync, Media Distribution Systems, and Grayson Pierce Capital in it's portfolio.


Today, Epek Ventures, the consolidated parent entity for the Epek brands, focuses on Incubating, Accelerating and Triaging SME's with a system that helps teach businesses how to - Evaluate • Adjust • Transform. It is designed to lead business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs through a systematic path to profit, sustainability, and significance. All of this is in an effort to support and develop leadership teams with a focus on impact investing and the UN's SDG's and 2030 agenda.


Additionally, through their investment company, Grayson Pierce Capital, Matt & Jessica offer funding and guidance to companies that are focused on delivering products or services that will lead to the overall improvement of society or ones that deserve a second chance at success, as well as others that are transitioning into a "For-Benefit" model. With more than 50 companies in their eco-system, this former renegade musician has evolved into a real-world ‘business solutionist’.


As avid Business Founders and Acquisition Investors, Matt & Jessica disrupts the status quo and create cultural shifts while inspiring others to live a life of intentional design and limitless potential. They are regular contributors at Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC, and other topline publications.
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